What to do in case of a loss 

In this section, you will find the steps to follow in case of a loss.

Although it is not easy, when a loss occurs, it is very important to try to stay calm and act calmly. It is important to give notice to the competent authorities since it is they who will help us to minimize damage (fire, police, Red Cross, etc.). Immediately after, report the loss to the insurer.


Find a way to minimize the loss.


Report what happened on the 01-800 toll-free number of the insurance company.


If possible take pictures as evidence to support what has happened.

Recommendation: Make sure that the insurance policy is in your e-mail and/or portable device, this way even if you don’t have it physically it can be found digitally and locate the phone number to report the incident.
To provide you with adequate support is very important to keep us informed of the progress of the claim process. This will allow us to advise and expedite proceedings with the insurance company.

One of the main obligations of the insured, when a loss occurs, is the safeguard of the assets that are not damaged and to do everything possible to try to minimize additional losses.

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