We know that creating wealth is not an easy task, however, it can be lost in a matter of seconds.

At PROTEC we have a wide variety of personal insurance that suits your family’s needs.

Although no one is exempt from disease, accident or damage to property, a comprehensive planning allows you to deal with the loss caused by unforeseen circumstances.

At PROTEC we understand that each person is different and has specific needs. Our products are designed by a skilled and trained broker for each insurance need.

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I live in Mexico

It protects the damage, liability and or loss of your vehicle. This insurance applies for all automobiles with Mexican plates.

I travel to the United States

It is the compulsory insurance that covers damages to third parties in order to comply with the legal requirements of that country.

I live abroad and travel to Mexico

Applies to any vehicle or motorcycle registered in the United States or Canada entering Mexico. Coverage can be from one day to one year.

Our experience is your peace of mind

Feel safe wherever you go.

Medical and Life

Major medical expenses

It covers hospital expenses, medical care, surgical interventions, medications, clinical analysis, X-rays, etc. for both accidents and illnesses.


In the face of death, sickness or disability, your loved ones will remain protected to continue their projects, even in your absence.

Student Insurance

For people who travel abroad to study.

Dental Insurance for employees

A wide range of services: diagnosis, prevention, gum surgery, crowns, and other procedures.

Personal accidents

This insurance provides medical or compensation coverage in case of an accident resulting in the death, fracture and/or organ dismemberment.

Travel Insurance

Insurance created especially for domestic and international travelers, with specific coverages that other personal insurances do not include such as cancellation, interruption or travel delay, baggage loss, medical transfers, emergency medical expenses by accident or sickness, repatriation of remains, etc.

Funeral expenses

Provides funeral services at the time of the death of any of the policyholders in the policy. Assistance with administrative procedures, transfer of remains to the funeral home, etc.

Savings Plan/Pension

Is to save periodically, which generates performance.

Educational Plan

Savings scheme (whole life insurance) to ensure the education of your children, it protects the children and the parents in case of for death or disability.

Protect your home, protect your family’s assets

We adapt to your needs.


Homeowners insurance is very important, it is the one that protects the personal asset of greater value that a person can have, this not only talking about the property by itself, but also of everything that it has inside.

Homeowners perils:

• Fire and catastrophic hazards (such as hurricane and/or earthquake) as well as theft
• Family Civil Liability
• Debris Removal
• Extraordinary expenses
• Loss of rents
• Glass breakage
• Electronic equipment
• Personal items
• Additional services such as plumbing, loss or theft of home keys, travel assistance, among others.

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