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Alicia was on holidays in the states when she had and accident and broke her left hand. In the ER she was told that she needed surgery. In addition to the pain and anguish of being alone in another country, the worry about the expendes caused her great stress.

Jose and Nancy were traveling in Madrid when Jose suddenly suffered a heart attack and unfortunately he died. Between what happened with Jose and being away from home caused Nancy a lot of sadness and anguish because she would have to find a way to bring her husband’s body back home.

We think that the worst think that can happen to us in trip is the loss of luggage or the cancellation of a flight but the reality is that things can happened, things like accidents, lines or even the death of any of the travelers. In our experience, we are convinced that is highly recommended to protect yourself from all of this. How? with an international travel insurance.

What is an international travel insurance?

The international travel insurance is the policy that covers the contingencies that a traveler can face. These incidents can be situations with luggage or flight; events such as accidents, health issues, or other emergencies when they are outside their home country.

This insurance can be hired for pleasure, business or student reasons.

On a trip there is the possibility of facing lost luggage, flight delays, accidents, illness, being victims of a robbery, an emergency evacuation, requiring the assistance of a lawyer, among others.
Any unforeseen cause distress in addition to extra expenses.

International traveler insurance can be contracted per trip (number of specific days) or if you are a frequent traveler, you can purchase it per year. It can also be hired in family mode or individually.

What situations does international travel insurance cover?

The international travel insurance policy covers several incidents. On the one hand are the medical situations that may arise on your trip. On the other, incidents that are not medical but that have to do with your transfer to other countries and during the trip.

Here is a list of basic coverages that you find in a policy to travel abroad:

Coverages that are related to medical situations:

  • Emergency medical expenses abroad coverages-international-travel-insurance-mexico
  • Dental medical expenses for emergency abroad
  • Hospital admission assistance
  • Emergency transfer
  • Medical repatriation
  • Medication assistance
  • Transfer of a companion to meet with a patient
  • Care for minors (for medical reasons of the insured)
  • Funeral expenses abroad and repatriation of mortal remains

Coverages that are related to travel situations:

  • Pre-trip information
  • Legal and interpreter consulting
  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip interruption
  • Luggage assistance and lost documents
  • Transmission of urgent messages

And if you are looking for a complete international coverage, what does it include?

If you want your travel insurance to cover without limits on the hospitals and doctors you want to use, the full coverage is the best for you.
With this type of package, many of the coverages are covered by the companies 100%. To do it in a more detailed way, we present the example of international travel insurance with the most complete coverage so that you know it:

Click on this link to see the example of a wide-coverage international travel insurance

Wide coverage example 

Where can I hire an international travel insurance?

There’s a lot of sites where you can hire one, however, when it comes to insurance, at PROTEC we are the experts.

At PROTEC we advise you and offer you the best insurance options to travel abroad. Our policy accompanies you wherever you go and you can count on the assistance of professionals who will guide you.


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