The objective of this Code of Conduct and Ethics is to reinforce PROTEC's culture of ethics and moral solvency, so that PROTEC achieves a better delivery of its services for society in general, and that this translates into personal, professional and economic benefits for all of us who collaborate in PROTEC.

To achieve this, it is necessary to formalize a set of standards that govern the conduct of everyone that is part and collaborate in PROTEC, Agente de Seguros y de Fianzas, SAPI de CV and point out those actions that are not acceptable based on these standards. Likewise, the rules that must be observed in the daily dealings with customers and suppliers, in order to achieve fair and transparent business practices.

Through the Code of Conduct and Ethics, all employees declare our commitment to comply with the values ​​and standards established herein.

It is applicable to all of PROTEC collaborators regardless of the type of relationship that links them, their hierarchical level, activity or area in which they work. Therefore, all partners, associates, referrers, intermediaries and personnel who work inside and outside the company, must conduct themselves in accordance with the provisions of this code.

Our values ​​are timeless and something to which we will unconditionally hold true. They are the center of our way of doing things and therefore will continue to be the cornerstone of all our processes. On the other hand, it is expected that the values lived by the Presidency are fully assumed and lived by the entire organization.

Responsibility: We know what to do and we are responsible for our actions. We all must assume responsibility for the results of PROTEC and our collaborators. Responsibility means working with a mindset that 'making things happen is up to me', not just posing problems but also looking for solutions and taking steps to
implement them.

Innovation: We dare to put new ideas into practice. Innovation implies a constant search to improve the status quo. t is relevant to everything we do, from day-to-day operational problems to finding opportunities in new products and markets.

Integrity: We are true to ourselves and have a collective conscience. Integrity means being consistent with our words, beliefs, and actions. It means always acting with rectitude under the principles of honesty, truth and justice. It means translating values ​​into actions and questioning acts that are incompatible with our values. This requires the willingness to give and accept honest and constructive feedback in order to grow not only as an organization but also as individuals.

Collaboration: We act as one team, supporting each other. ROTEC means working together, all areas, to achieve results that only together can we achieve. To do this, we need to actively work with other areas of the organization ensuring that these interactions allow us to make the best decisions in an agile and timely manner.

Passion and Loyalty: We care about those around us and we are willing to give more than what is expected. Passion drives us to continually improve to stay ahead of our competitors. We are committed to building something bigger than ourselves that has a significant and sustainable impact for PROTEC, our shareholders, our clients, our business partners, insurance advisors and suppliers. We are loyal to this cause and to all those who participate in it.

Respect: To recognize the inherent value of every person and so that the treatment we give them is impartial, without any distinction in order to preserve their dignity and personal integrity, avoiding any conduct that may be offensive. In addition, we acquire a deep commitment to abide by the Law and its spirit, as well as to protect the environment.

Orientation: We understand and anticipate the needs of our customers. Service orientation means treating people with respect, regardless of their status. It means meeting satisfactorily the expectations of service committed to the people with whom we interact and offering our full attention as we work with them, whether they are clients, independent agents, collaborators and suppliers.

The ethical and behavioral principles described in the following pages must be consciously practiced by all the people who are part of PROTEC. These have been classified according to the following categories:

a. Respect of the law
b. Conflict of interest
c. Prevent and avoid bribery and corruption
d. Data management
e. Accounting records
f. Premium payment
g. Protection and use of assets
h. Treatment of shareholders, collaborators, agents and intermediaries, clients, suppliers, competitors, authorities and the general public.
i. Commitment to society and the environment
j. Gender equity, equality and non-discrimination.
k. Equitable professional development
l. Security and health at work.
m. Obligations of the collaborators
n. Obligations of insurance advisors towards clients

All insurance consultants should avoid:

  • Accepting agreements that violate the law or that may be used for that purpose.
  • Offer compensation and exercise undue influence on clients, suppliers, authorities, other collaborators or any other person. This means that they will not be able to accept or offer money or any economic or other benefit, directly or indirectly or through others, to obtain a business, concession or operation for PROTEC.
  • Plan or participate in conducting business that violates legal provisions.
  • Falsify facts, information or any document and must participate responsibly in support of any Internal investigation.
  • Carry out any action, premeditated, planned or expressly, in order to evade any general or specific PROTEC policy even when such action does not represent damage.
  • Make decisions whose action could put at risk the freedom and integrity of other collaborators, clients and suppliers.

Likewise, they must know and comply with the obligations contemplated in the external and internal provisions regarding the prevention of money laundering, to adopt the commitment to always be warned against people who seek to use the services of PROTEC or its affiliated companies. This, in order to hide the origin of resources obtained illegally and to appear that they were obtained legitimately. On the other hand, they must comply with and ensure that the legislation that regulates both their specific activities and those of the Company is complied with at all times.

Prevent and avoid bribery and corruption.

Advisors must refrain from participating in acts of bribery or corruption and avoid being perceived as being part of these acts.

Zero Tolerance: Advisors must be aware that acts of bribery and corruption can occur in different ways, such as through payments in money or in kind, granting advantages, privileges,, assuming debts or obligations or giving extraordinary attention to officials. public, authorities, private companies and their officials or representatives, in order to:

a. Avoid compliance with a legal, administrative or judicial provision.
b. Obtain a business advantage or achieve a decision that would not have corresponded except as a consequence of the payment made.
c. Failure to comply with the code of conduct or declaration of ethical principles of other companies.

The advisors who know, suspect or are victims of the acts of corruption described above, must report it or make use of the anonymous reporting channels established for this purpose.

Advisors are strictly prohibited from bribing public officials or any other third party.

As advisors acting on behalf of PROTEC must not deliver financial rewards or gifts, grant services or privileges, assume debts or obligations on behalf of any public or private official to obtain an undue advantage.

Also, you must avoid performing acts that may be legitimate, could be used to promote acts of corruption, such as invitations to entertainment events, trips, donations or any other action similar to the ones described above.

Insurance advisors are responsible for safeguarding and refraining from disclosing (including to colleagues, family and friends) all financial, strategic, statistical, operational, technical, business, acquisition or expansion, new products, marketing campaigns, personal data of collaborators, clients, suppliers and third parties or of any other nature,
of PROTEC and / or its subsidiaries, that is not known to the general public and especially that which is considered strictly confidential.

Under no circumstances will insurance advisors take advantage of information about the company, its shareholders, clients or other collaborators.

They must process the payment of the premiums to the insurer within a period that may not exceed five business days from the day after receipt.

The insured is not allowed to pay premiums by checks or debit or credit cards payable to an insurance advisor.

Insurance advisors will not be able to loan your agent code to other people.

Insurance advisers may not modify the payment terms of the policy without the client's written consent.

Insurance advisers may not offer preferential exchange rates and / or discounts on policy premiums without authorization from the insurance or surety company.

The assets owned by the company and those leased by it, be they tangible (cash, securities, furniture, real estate, machinery, equipment, vehicles, etc.) or intangible (trademarks, patents, logos, concessions, etc.) may be used by insurance advisors, only to carry out the operations of the company and in cases authorized for their personal use.

Derived from this, the following commitments are assumed:

The company reserves the right to monitor the activities of all the computer and communication equipment owned by the company or that is in its possession under lease programs, regardless of its physical location; including, without limitation, computers, network servers, internet access, email and intranet access devices, voice mails, cell phones and other voice systems, fax machines, and information obtained downloaded and / or disseminated through the internet and intranet; access to the network or email of the company and to any information stored in them (among others the Technology, Information Technology and Communication Resources), in accordance with the applicable laws.

For operations, maintenance, security, business, legal or regulatory requirements, authorized personnel may have unrestricted access to the information found in the Information Technology and Communication Resources of the company to the extent permitted by Law and in accordance with the specific requirements of PROTEC.

The users of the company's Technology, Information Technology and Communication Resources may not assume any right to personal or confidential privacy when using them. PROTEC reserves the right to cancel the access of any user to the Information Technology and Communication Resources of the company, at any time, with or without prior notification.

On the other hand, it is considered a flagrant infringement of the provisions contained in this section, to utilize the economic resources of PROTEC to obtain personal benefit, whatever the legal or conventional name of this act (fraud, breach of trust, theft , embezzlement, etc.).

Likewise, compromising, due to imprudence or carelessness, the safety of the facilities or of the people who are in them. In case of incurring these behaviors, the company will exercise the corresponding criminal and civil actions.


nsurance advisors must treat shareholders, collaborators, clients, suppliers, competitors, authorities and the general public with justice, respect, objectivity and impartiality.

PROTEC's insurance advisers should not offer clients commercial conditions other than those established.

Insurance advisers acting on behalf of the company should not deliver financial rewards or gifts to any authority.

PROTEC’s insurance advisors are committed to continuously improve and act as guided by the values ​established by PROTEC​, allowing for the integral development of people, communities and the environment in an ethical, sustainable and responsible way.

PROTEC is committed to Equity, Equality and Non-Discrimination, as well as to combat workplace violence in all its forms, through prevention, care and sanction mechanisms.

Insurance consultants must be committed to their own personal growth and professional development.

For its part, PROTEC offers all insurance advisors and / or collaborators a comprehensive training plan favoring the development of those capacities that are related to the exercise of their functions.

All of us who are part of PROTEC in any way, should not induce, in any way, a company employee to give in to their sexual pretensions and / or to carry out other immoral behaviors, in exchange for granting any employment benefit. or other favors, likewise, they must avoid actions that affect the dignity and integrity of the employee.

No comments or rumors should be disseminated or generated that directly or indirectly affect the reputation of PROTEC employees, its shareholders and directors.

The company is committed to the work safety of its employees and insurance advisors and to promoting a culture related to risk prevention.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs is strictly prohibited within the work facilities, as well as reporting to work under their influence.

The company is committed to respecting the applicable legislation regarding the prohibitions that exist for smoking in workplaces, defining specific areas that allow smoking, taking care at all times that the other collaborators remain free of tobacco smoke.

It is the obligation of all insurance advisors:

Read and accept this Code of Conduct and Ethics; Ignorance of its content does not exempt the obligation to comply with it.

Comply with the law and internal regulations in all places and circumstances.

Refrain from engaging in activities or behaviors that damage the image, reputation of the company and physical integrity of colleagues.
Inform the Ethics Committee when they cannot objectively fulfill their responsibilities, due to pressure exerted by a third party, as a consequence of their position, authority or influence in the company.

Report infractions or well-founded suspicions of non-compliance with this Code. When there is no certainty, you should ask for help or make a query to the Ethics Committee.

Cooperate with investigations regarding violations of this Code of Conduct and Ethics and declare the truth at all times.

Act in a professional and moral manner when seeking the best option for clients considering their needs and financial situation.

Maintain a positive service attitude to provide sufficiently detailed explanations for clients to select the best product and to advise them in case of claims.

Refrain from coercing clients to force the sale of insurance products.