Together we will design the business insurance that best suits your needs. Regardless of the size and the type of business you have, PROTEC is a reliable and experienced insurance broker. We can advise your company in any economic activity that it may be involved: manufacturing, trade, mining, construction, transportation, professional services, etc.

Why you should have business insurance?

Risks are inherent to the operations of any company, however, an entrepreneur with vision knows that he will have to prepare to face them properly; therefore, it is necessary to try to prevent them and find the best options for the safety of your employees, facilities, and production.

Business insurance provides the means to compensate for the damages incurred as a result of a catastrophic event. At PROTEC we adapt ourselves to your particular requirements.

We protect from small to large enterprises in all sectors of the economy.

Risk management experts

We protect your business most important resources, your people and your assets.

Property & casualty insurance

Here you will find the insurance that is intended to mitigate the loss that an insured may suffer in their assets as a result of an accident, among which are the following perils:

Package policy

It protects both the property and the assets of your company, business or trade. Some of its coverage are:

• Fire and/or lightning & explosion
• All risks (including earthquake and other natural catastrophes)
• Debris removal
• Glass breakage
• Consequential losses
• Boiler & machinery breakdown
• Electronic equipment or EDP equipment
• Theft
• Money and/or securities

Casualty (Liability)

Payment of legal compensation owed by the named insured to a third party as a result of damage on their property or person as a result of the activities described in the policy. This policy covers bodily injury, disease, and death as well as deterioration and destruction of property.
Some of the beneficiaries of this insurance are:

• Industry and commerce
• Hotels
• Contractors
• Tenant’s
• Products and completed operations
• Passengers
• Clinical trials (Protocol)
• Pollution
• Directors and officers
• Errors and omissions
• Professional liability


It covers the losses and damage during a construction project and it can cover the building, its contents and any damage as a result of this activity.

Contractors and heavy machinery equipment

It covers loss or damage caused to any contractor’s equipment and heavy machinery, arising from the risks in construction projects.


It covers damage and/or loss that goods may suffer during the transfer from one place to another whether transported by land, maritime and air transport.


It covers the uncertain loss or damage affecting the yield, quality or survival of the agricultural or livestock activities by climate risk.


Insurance term which is purchased in conjunction with a purchase that provides the benefit of paying the total or part of the obligation of credit in the event of the death of the debtor or physical disability of the same during the payment of the loan. In case of business credit it can cover the inability of the debtor to pay due to insolvency.



Coverage of Mexican plated vehicles, both for personal as well as commercial use. We also offer liability coverage for commercial and private passenger vehicles entering the United States.


Coverage for private passenger or commercial vehicles entering Mexico with a foreign plate.


It covers damage or loss suffered by an aircraft or helicopter entering Mexico. Coverage can extend to its hull and liability to third parties.

As you protect your workforce, it strengthens your company

Ensure the protection of your human capital.

Employee Benefits

Insurance for companies to cover their employees, among which it includes:

Major medical expenses for employees

Plans that cover 24/7 accident and illnesses and can be tailored to the place of residence, desired level of hospitals, as well as several deductibles that allow you to manage the cost according to your needs.

Group Life

Plans according to needs.

Personal accident for employees

They cover medical expenses due to an accident, disability, and accidental death.

Dental insurance for employees

A wide range of services; diagnosis, prevention, root canals, gum, crowns, and other procedures surgery.

Funeral expenses for employees

It provides financial support to cover the funeral expenses caused by the death of the holder or of a family member who is covered by the policy.

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