PROTEC has a specialized bonding department allows us to understand, advice and timely resolve your bonding requirements.

At PROTEC we want to offer you a service that results in the solution of problems and prevention of events. Our bonds department will give you the best advice to meet your needs.

What are bonds and how are they used for?

A bond is a contract guaranteeing the fulfillment of an obligation before a third party. These obligations may be of a different nature, from the leasing of real estate, to the fulfillment of a contract, to securing employees against fraud, judicial problems, among others.

Once we know the needs of your company and the activity of your business, our advisors will find the bond that covers your company in a proper way.

At PROTEC we are bond specialists

Get the warranty you need. Our team will provide you with the bonding instrument you require.

Type of bonds bonds


Guarantees the fulfillment of the obligations contracted between individual or business entities when entering into a contract.

Some examples are:

• Advance Payment
• Performance
• Guaranty


These guarantee the fulfillment of obligations before the tax authority such as those derived from:

• Importation of goods
• Tax disputes
• Outstanding payments
• Fines
• Controversies, among others


Guarantees compliance with obligations arising from a judicial procedure.

• Damage Repair
• Precautionary embargoes
• Labor
• Appeals


Guarantees the payment of the obligations established in a contract of supply, purchase-sale or distribution of goods or services.

• Power consumption
• Leasing or real estate
• Other bonds


Protect your company’s assets. Guarantees the payment of the reparation of the loss caused by crimes like fraud and theft by your employees. 


Guarantees the obligations between people who enter into a contract and one of the parties is not a Mexican entity.

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